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classification: 火车零件毛坯    


classification: 火车零件毛坯    


classification: 火车零件毛坯    


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如何延长汽车零部 件的寿命?
    汽车零部件,对于 其的使用寿命,我们应怎样来做,才能够达到延长其使用寿命这
电动缝纫机的特性 有哪些?
1、直线缝纫  (双线)--有底线设计  ,缝纫更牢固;      电动缝纫机。简易 控制按钮
缝纫机缝制不同的 医疗怎样用针?
    根据缝纫机所缝衣 料的性质,选用适当号数的针是很重要的,例如断针、断线、跳
电动缝纫机的特性 有哪些?
1、直线缝纫  (双线)--有底线设计  ,缝纫更牢固;      电动缝纫机。简易 控制按钮
铁路配件的特点及 用途?
铁路车辆配件特点 :     在铁路大发展的背 景下,铁路配件行业也保持着比较高的发
铁路车辆配件的类 型?
一、钢轨    铁道器材是铁路的 重要器材,钢轨是铁路器材的主要标志。 

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Xinjia Precision castingRiches are within reach

Four advantages of Xinjia casting

Parts production experience

Pay attention to the production and sale of parts

专注精密零件研发 生产和销售,行业领先品牌

Founded in 2013, the foundry industry, after more than ten years of technological innovation and development.

It has successfully provided various customized parts for the auto parts manufacturers. In the same industry is a leader.

After years of cooperation, the supply intention.

Quality assured

The parts are processed with exquisite workmanship

精密零件经过精湛 技术加工,根据需求生产出高质量的产品

The first use of silica sol process for all large sewing machine embroidery machine manufacturers to provide parts blank.

Our company can produce all kinds of materials, shapes, specifications and precision mechanical parts according to customer's requirements.

Wide range of sales

Let you harvest unprecedented customer resources

全方位营销,让您 收获前所未有的客户资源

From Taiwan the introduction of automatic processing equipment and automatic wax wax conveying production line

Silica sol and water glass two casting processes, the production of parts can be from 0.2g to 200kg weight

The products can be made of carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, bearing steel, all kinds of cast iron, cast copper and so on.

Perfect after-sale service system

Mature and perfect service system, for you to resolve worries

完善的售后服务团 队,快速地帮您解决问题

Changli New Casting Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of technical foundation and management experience.

Formed from production to after-sales service integrity of the service model.

7*24 hours professional hotline service

服务电话: 0335-2637777

About us

Changli XinJia casting Co., Ltd.

  昌黎新佳精密铸业 有限责任公司,隶属于昌黎佳朋商贸集团有限公司,公司总投资1.2亿元人民币,占地 60余亩,注册资金 1000万元。公司现有员 工260人,高级技术人员 30人,具有模具研发 制作能力,是集精密铸造、零件加工、机械组装为一体的综合性企业。  公司有十几年的技 术基础和管理经验。采用硅溶胶和水玻…


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